Mercenary Kings Reveal Trailer

This is the first footage of our current game project, Mercenary Kings! The game is currently in an early prototype stage, so a lot might still change. The music for the trailer was provided by Patrice Bourgeault and the animations were done by Paul Robertson.

23 comments on “Mercenary Kings Reveal Trailer

  1. This looks all sorts of awesome! Where will we be able to play this?

  2. Michael on said:

    Any plans for character customization too? Not saying it’s necessary, but I enjoy that feature most of the time.

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  4. Jonathan on said:

    @Mars: Nothing is set in stone yet, PC for sure. Probably Xbox 360 as well, but we’re also considering other platforms.

    @Michael: We don’t know yet, it’s so early! We’re still working on game design stuff… Maybe different color schemes for the main character.

  5. HtDreams on said:

    Looks promising, love the sounds and love the animations :^D

    What platform are you developing for?

    Fun fact: after your video youtube recommends The expendables trailer :)

  6. Just give me co-op and you’ve got a sale!

  7. Jonathan on said:

    @tg: Well, I think we’ve got a sale!

    @HtDreams: The Expendables certainly had some sort of influence ^_^

  8. Mathieu Bonin on said:


    Sérieusement, le art est toujours aussi incroyable et le gameplay de Wizorb était tellement tight, j’ai pas de doute que ça va être excellent.

  9. ArOne on said:

    It looks like some kind of divine amalgamation of contra and monster hunter. I can’t wait to see more so I can build up a nice healthy froth.

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  12. Make that two sales!

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  16. Michael :D on said:

    Wow, this looks great!! I am no doubt buying this! I loved Paul Robertson’s’ work in the Scott Pilgrim game and in Wizorb, I can’t wait to see whats in store in this game! Any chance of this being on the PS3?

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