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Based in Montreal, Canada

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Official Release: August 18th, 2015.

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Smash monsters. Escape death. Get ready for the brawl!


CURSED! When brawny bounty hunters Leo and Lea are cursed by Algarr the Wizard King, they're swarmed by all manners of creatures and monsters! Alchemist Allison knows one way to get rid of the curse: The Elixir of Life! But the only way to get the Elixir's ingredients? SMASH ALL THE MONSTERS!


  • Alchemy! Mix and match ingredients and items to create powerful attacks, summons and the Elixir of Life itself!
  • 2 Player couch/online co-op!
  • Dancing! Alleviate stress during combat by dancing and rack up points
  • 13 Single-Screen Levels designed by Stéphane Boutin (Mercenary Kings, Wizorb, Scott Pilgrim VS The World)
  • Opening and Ending segments, Boss animations by Paul Robertson (Adult Swim capsules, 8-bit Simpsons, Mercenary Kings, Wizorb)
  • Supports cross-buy, cross-play and cross-save on PS4 and PS Vita
  • Adhoc multiplayer on Vita and supports Vita TV with couch co-op


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Story Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • ""Curses 'N Chaos has a charming style, graphically simple and somewhat reminiscent of the original Ghosts 'N Goblins.""
    - Michael McWhertor, Polygon
  • ""The feel and timing of strikes, the tension as hordes of ghosts rush you, hoping desperately that a health pickup will drop, and the joy of collecting loads of tinkling coins.""
    - Alice O'Connor, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • ""Super simple, but super fun all the same.""
    - Jordan Devore, Destructoid

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Justin Cyr et Yannick Belzil sur Radio Talbot : https:.

Podcast (EN)
Justin Cyr and Yannick Belzil discuss game design challenges in Curses 'N Chaos developement : http:.

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About Tribute Games Inc.

Tribute Games is a studio developing and publishing video games with a focus on pixel art and classic game design. The Montreal-based studio has been steadily creating entertaining, challenging and retro-inspired games since 2011 using modern game development processes and technology. Their catalogue includes: Wizorb, Mercenary Kings, Curses 'N Chaos, Ninja Senki DX, Flinthook, and Panzer Paladin. They are also the developers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, published by Dotemu, in partnership with Nickelodeon. In 2020, Tribute Games announced the start of a publishing division to help smaller developers publish their game. Tribute Games' first published title is Steel Assault.

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Curses 'N Chaos Credits

Justin Cyr
Game Design, Animations and Art

Jonathan Lavigne

Jean-François Major

Michaël Larouche

Paul Robertson
Animations and Art

Stéphane Boutin
Animations and Art

Patrice Bourgeault

Yannick Belzil

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