Tribute Games Inc.
Based in Montreal, Canada

Release date:
September 25, 2011

PC|Mac (Steam)
Nintendo Switch


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The once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. The only hope for salvation is Cyrus, a wizard versed in a secret magic art called Wizorb! Explore many strange places from the derelict monster infested town of Clover to Gorudo Castle atop Cauldron Peak.



  • An all-new block-breaking game set in a fantasy world.
  • Use your magic wand to bounce the orb and cast various magic spells.
  • Over 60 levels in 5 different Worlds.
  • Earn gold to buy charms or to help the citizens rebuild their homes.
  • Epic boss fights.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Character animation by Paul Robertson.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "App Store Best of 2012" Itunes' best of 2012 awards in the showpiece games category

Selected Articles

  • "Wizorb is an excellent puzzle title that does a great job integrating a classic brick-breaking experience with a fantastical 8-bit world."
    - Eric Ford, Touch Arcade
  • "my favorite indie game I have played in a long time"
    - Chris Carolan, Kotaku
  • "Just buy the game, jerks."
    - Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

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Original Soundtrack
Full soundtrack by Jean Chan available from band camp. http:.

About Tribute Games Inc.

Tribute Games is a studio developing and publishing video games with a focus on pixel art and classic game design. The Montreal-based studio has been steadily creating entertaining, challenging and retro-inspired games since 2011 using modern game development processes and technology. Their catalogue includes: Wizorb, Mercenary Kings, Curses 'N Chaos, Ninja Senki DX, Flinthook, and Panzer Paladin. They are also the developers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, published by Dotemu, in partnership with Nickelodeon. In 2020, Tribute Games announced the start of a publishing division to help smaller developers publish their game. Tribute Games' first published title is Steel Assault.

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Wizorb Credits

Jonathan Lavigne
Game Design & Graphics

Jean-Francois Major

Paul Robertson
Character Animation

Justin Cyr
Animation & Sounds

Jean Chan

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